Sophia Oshodin is a self-taught contemporary figurative painter based in London.
She developed an interest in painting at a young age.
Her paintings are narrative scenes of domestic interactions between people, family and childhood memories using storytelling that incorporate the elements that taps into human identity while capturing the spirit of ordinary everyday life in a way that invites the viewers to their interpretations.

Sophia draws inspiration from various sources like fashion, politics, African art, history and culture, photography and inspiration from the renaissance art era to Contemporary art.

Sophia works mainly with acrylic paints and gouache.
She paints a wild variety of bold figurative paintings, and her paintings technique involve a thick layering of paint on canvas, paper or cardboard. Sophia likes to paint a series of work by using vivid colours and expressive brush strokes. Her works feature iconographies such as books and flowers abstraction background that involves so many movements.
Each piece tells a story with texture and layers. Sophia is settled in figurative storytelling.


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